Topic at the 2018 DC Summit

Topic: Creating accessible videos isn’t simple – it takes a know-how and a bag full of tips and tricks. Rikki Poynter will be sharing a few of her favorite tricks and biggest lessons learned in her journey as a lifestyle vlogger.

Poynter, having built a large following of over 90,000 fans across multiple social media networks, will be providing her knowledge related with providing accessibility for her viewers. Poynter, through her videos, advocates heavily for equitable access across social media platforms.

Rikki Poynter

Youtuber, Content Creator, Writer, Activist & Public Speaker

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BiographyRikki Poynter is a 26-year-old deaf YouTuber, content creator, writer, activist, and public speaker living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through her YouTube channel and written works, she talks about her life as a mainstreamed deaf person who is finding her way through Deaf culture and a new identity, learning ASL, as well as mental health, growing up with child abuse, feminism, social issues and more.

She has cultivated large followings on social media, especially YouTube. Her channel has over 66,800 subscribers and her other social media followings are rapidly growing. Since making her first deaf related video on October 1st, 2014, Rikki has been on the Huffington Post, Mic News, Upworthy, ABC News, BBC Newsbeat, BBC Ouch, BBC See Hear, and other news outlets in various countries. Also, she has been working on her new closed captioning campaign, #LIGHTSCAMERACAPTION, to try to get more YouTubers to closed caption their videos.