Topic at the 2018 DC Summit

After two decades of working within different cinematic storytelling frameworks, Chase Burton will share creative approaches to developing the hero’s journey, and how to make films more meaningful.

In this presentation, the audience will learn the strategies that went into creating the film, MATHER (premiering at the Andrew Foster Auditorium on 4/20/18).

To buy tickets to the MATHER film D.C. Screenings 4/20/2018:

Chase Burton

Director of MATHER

photo of bearded man kneeling with a camera, filming a rose in the desert

Biography: A visual Writer/Director since picking up a home camera at the age of eight, Chase Burton would eventually oversee the creation of a short film called MATHER, a 23-minute mind-bending space western. With a background in cinematography, film theory, and screenwriting, attending film school in Los Angeles & Australia, working in the film business for over a decade and immersing himself in the Deaf community, Chase gained a deep appreciation for storytelling, especially the hero’s journey.