The cornerstone of the Deaf Media Summit project are the topics that were submitted and voted on. At the main Summit in Washington, D.C., presenters and attendees will discuss a few of the most important topics. These presentations and discussions will be filmed and edited into videos for organizations, schools and businesses to easily host their own Deaf Media Summit.

On the first day, we discuss Deaf Media AT WORK – where the media is being created. Then, during the afternoon’s activities, attendees will learn about new and innovative technologies, network and meet talent who share what they are doing, with everyone learning what’s possible.

On the second day, Deaf Media FOR CHANGE will focus on how to get visibility of the media, how to be effective in creating an impact, to connect with audiences. Finally, the event will wrap up with multiple forums where Deaf Media professionals and leaders discuss taking ACTION.

What we are doing is collecting public opinion on what topics are in highest demand (ongoing) and reviewing our list of interested presenters to match who is experienced in the related field, or have previously presented on those topics. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be posting every new addition to our agenda as a post, and at 8 PM Eastern time, our mailing list will check the website for any latest addition and emailing it out automatically.  Today is the first of those releases. Check them out!

On Wednesday, April 18 during “Deaf Media: At Work”

Topic: Diversity Representation in Media – Messaging & Authenticity by Elvia Guillermo

Topic: We Know we Need Captions – What Else? by Rikki Poynter

On Thursday, April 19 during “Deaf Media: For Change”

Topic: New Media – Achieving Impact in our Global Village, by Jonathan McMillan

and in the afternoon:

FORUM: Branding Guidelines for the Deaf Community, led by Elvia Guillermo

Want to add your idea to the mix? Contact us!