We decided to try hosting live chats on Slack and invited a few of our peers in media and technology fields. It went so well that we have decided to make it a regular thing. Join us for the next one!

If you can’t make it, no problem – we will send out recaps afterward, such as this:

Deaf Media Live Chat Wed 12/13

  • We walked everyone through the vision of Deaf Media Summit and website.
  • Some further details were shared – such as the fact that there will be a maximum of 80 attendees.
  • Everyone who tried was able to successfully fill out the “Request an Invitation” form.
  • They were sent to “What topics should we discuss?” page after clicking “Submit.”
  • Everyone voted for what was important / not important.
  • The that got the most “important” votes were tied:
    Using Media for Change: How are LEAD-K and NAD doing it?
    Using YouTube to achieve Visibility for a Brand
    Mainstream Journalism – How to get them to accurately portray Deaf & HH people?
  • Coming in second place are two topics:
    Being Accessible: We know we need captions. What else?
    Events that Disrupt – How to engineer events that spur change in communities and builds ecosystems.
  • We discussed the topics and got a few new topic submissions:
    Access to support and networking.
    Using social media for branding and marketing.
    How to use social media effectively.
    Hashtagging movements and ideas.

Well, now… it is a good thing we have the #networking channel on our Slack community! Also, social media is clearly a hot topic. It was a great discussion – giving a shout-out to Sheena McFeely for being a key contributor – and we look forward to more!

The last item on our agenda was to set the topic for the next meetup. We decided, collectively, to discuss the desired outcomes / results we want to see from the Summit.

How to Join Us

It’s EASY – simply click on this special link and enter your email to instantly join, the rest will flow. Saw this too late? Don’t worry, check out #announcements for the next meetup!