Topic at the 2018 DC Summit

Lauren Benedict, an experienced digital media specialist that has led successful campaign efforts for Gallaudet University will share her tips and tricks in having a successful branding and marketing targeting specific audiences through social media platforms. She also will talk about how to increase one’s presence on social media platforms, sharing tips on how to increase followers and interest.

Lauren Benedict

Former Digital Media Specialist @ Gallaudet University & New Creative Media Coordinator @ Dawn Sign Press

Lauren standing in the forest smiling in white top and red skirt

Biography: As the Digital Media Specialist, Lauren Benedict led the development of Gallaudet University’s digital communication strategy and coordinated the digital content creation for the University and president’s social media platforms. She also developed press releases, media advisories, email blasts, and branding messaging materials. Under her tenure, she increased Gallaudet University’s presence across social media platforms – 41,000 to 66,000 Facebook followers in 15 months, 800 Instagram followers to 12,500 followers (1,500% increase) and new 1,800 Snapchat followers in 8 months.