Connect with each other on Slack.

Media is exploding in the Deaf community. It’s time to bring together media professionals, bloggers, vloggers, and businesses in the Deaf community to share best practices, solutions, and tips. 

A group of Deaf Media professionals is collaborating on the first Deaf Media Summit, on April 17-19, 2018, at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., with live stream feeds to multiple locations, enabling concurrent discussions across the nation and around the world, in places such as Deaf service centers, offices, schools, and more.

To collaborate effectively within the Deaf community, our team set up an online community space through Slack. By connecting on Slack, we can get a jump start on sharing tools, opportunities, and solutions with each other leading up to the Summit – and continue the conversation beyond!

A few months ago, we invited a few people to join our first meetup on Slack, and it was a success. Together, we brainstormed several new topics to discuss at the Summit, including: “Mainstream Journalism: How to get them to portray Deaf people accurately,” “Using Media for Change: How are LEAD-K and NAD doing it?” and “How to Use Social Media Effectively.”

We’re thrilled with the initial results, and we are opening up the community space to the public to boost collaboration, drive innovation, and spur positive change within the Deaf community. On Slack, we have three public channels you can take advantage of: #announcements, #networking, and #topics. We will post new announcements in the #announcements channel, and you can network with others through the #networking channel. Got new topic ideas for discussion? Submit them through the #topics channel.

To join, click on this special link and enter your email, and the rest will follow. Keep your eye on the #announcements channel for information about the next meetup!

Guest Hosts & Hot Topics

Do you have a wealth of good information, tips, and tricks to share? Think about hosting a live chat yourself on Slack! Our team will provide you with full support in preparing and hosting the chat. Your job is to invite guests to interview, prepare the questions beforehand, and then show up and chat! Easy. Interested? Tell us by filling out our Deaf Media Live Chat Survey or send us an e-mail!! 

When is the best time for you? Tell us!

To schedule the next Deaf Media Summit meetup on Slack, we want to gather your input on when and how often you think we should meet. Please fill out the Live Chat Survey here. We will announce the results and the next meetup date through email, social media, and the #announcements channel on Slack.