Deaf Media Summit is led by Eventida, who provides online tools, professional services, and does special projects with partners to:

  • Achieve diversity & inclusion goals.
  • Gather data on underserved markets.
  • Host marketing, recruiting and other events.
  • Improve on event communication systems.
  • Identify and create automated workflows.
  • Integrate their website with event solutions.
  • Sponsor features for all users’ benefit.

Through the Deaf Media Summit special project, Eventida is exploring how events, technology and media solutions can strengthen underserved populations such as the global Deaf community.

For the 2018 DC Summit, partners and sponsors included Deafsourced, Gallaudet Center of Continuing and Online Education, Sorenson VRS® (SVRS®), Gallaudet Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute, Phenomworks, Clearmask LLC, MunXe and more.