The summit in Washington, D.C. is not your ordinary event. Guests will not register as usual. Instead, we are engaging in an open, highly visible community dialogue and inviting key players in our community to attend and participate in our presentations, discussions, and action forums— with the goal of figuring out how to collaboratively set Deaf Media standards and create initiatives that foster community growth and empowerment. Guests will only pay for their own meals and, if traveling from out of town, their own lodgings. Sponsors are available to assist with travel and lodging expenses. There will be no registration fee for invited guests.

At the summit, our media team will be filming the event documentary-style and editing the footage into modules for local summits to choose from when designing their own focus.

Local & Focus Summits

Previously, we intended to live stream to local summits concurrently during the Deaf Media Summit. What do you do when it’s not 9 a.m. everywhere? FILM IT and distribute the content afterward!

Organizations, schools, and businesses can host their own local or “focus” summit. A state association of the Deaf could host one for their state, and call it “Deaf Media Summit: [your state].” Policymakers interested in affecting policy change through media could coordinate a public policy-themed summit. A business that hires many Deaf employees may host a summit for its company employees to better understand their peers, learn about innovations to use in the workplace, and build stronger community relations. A school may use the summit to discover ways to keep parents engaged and informed.

The best part is that these local and focus summits can happen at any time later this year! This also means it will be super easy to implement a summit – with the format and content provided, ready to tailor to your community’s specific needs.

Staggered Invitation Schedule

For the Deaf Media Summit, we have 80 seats. Our goal is to fill these limited seats with people who have been doing the work in media and related fields, and who are in a position to lead, mentor, and do great things after the Summit. Because we want to start a wealth of information sharing that is accessible to the entire Deaf community, the quality of the content we send to local and focus summits must be solid.

In order to make sure that every highly qualified Deaf professional and leader who wants to be a part of this amazing project has an opportunity to request an invite and receive confirmation in time to make arrangements, especially if coming from afar, we’ve developed a staggered invitation system.

EVERY MONDAY 12P ET  Deadline for the upcoming Friday’s round of invites – encourage colleagues you think would be great fits to request their invites by the deadline!

EVERY FRIDAY AT 12P ET – Starting March 23, we will send out about 30 invites, and invitees have one week to RSVP.

What is Our Criteria?
We determine who to include in each round based on the following:

– Need to travel & arrange lodgings (first two rounds).

– Influencers based on experience, leadership, and recognition. Able to contribute to knowledge sharing and demonstrates forward thinking and innovation in their work.

– Decision makers who are in a position to create job growth and availability of accessible training for Deaf professionals in various media fields.

– Diverse, inclusive and balanced representation among industry niches, levels of experience, types of training, and backgrounds.

Presenters not included. These “seats” are counted separately.