Topic at the 2018 DC Summit

TopicAn experienced contractor, MJ worked with numerous well-known people and contracts in numerous capacities ranging from editing to social media work to filmmaking. Bringing a fresh insight by being in the trenches of contracting, MJ will talk about how to create connections and work for different types of businesses and non-profit organizations as a contractor. MJ will share her professional experiences and perspective with the overhead costs, insurance, taxes, retirement and freelancing. MJ will share tips and tricks for those who are interested in freelancing or those who are interested in hiring a contractor.

Melissa Jane (MJ) Kielbus

Digital Media Director at Copper + Water

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Biography: Melissa Jane Kielbus is a filmmaker. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2013 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts for Film and a Bachelor of Science for Psychology with a minor in Deaf Cultural Studies. She has also obtained a Performing Arts certificate from the NTID department.

She is currently working as the Digital Media Director for Copper & Water, LLC. She also does freelance work, doing projects with several different companies and start-up businesses on the side.