<h2>Topic at the <a href=”https://deafmediasummit.org/2018-dc-summit/2018-dc-summit-topics/”>2018 DC Summit</a></h2> Lisi Whitworth is currently learning how to establish a mentorship program through the Online News Association (ONA) Mentorship Collaborative. Members of the ONA community have often cited the lack of diversity in newsrooms as one of the biggest challenges in journalism. Newsrooms need clarity on mentorship, training, retention and more.

Lisi is asking mainstream journalists at ONA and elsewhere the question, “How can we push for accurate portrayals of Deaf and hard of hearing people?” and gathering answers. She will share their answers and explain the technical aspects of how to accomplish the suggestions, if applicable.

Lisi Whitworth

CEO & Cofounder - Eventida, Inc. / Interim Co-Director & Cofounder, DeafMade Cooperative

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Biography: Lisi Whitworth is a former journalist and an entrepreneur who works with her partners to build sustainable organizations that makes a difference, consistently generates revenue, organically grows, and most importantly, creates jobs.

She seeks to create organizational cultures and support systems that encourage innovation, healthy lifestyles, friendship, and life-work balance, and believes that technology, media and modular learning systems are key to achieving this goal.

In her journey as a Deaf woman, cancer survivor, employer, wife and mother, she has grown passionate about accessibility, equality, health, and lifelong learning, particularly in the Deaf community.

She co-founded Satdaya LLC, a brand management company; Eventida, a global bulletin board and marketplace for accessible & inclusive events; and DeafMade Cooperative, a member-owned company of Deaf entrepreneurs and contractors supporting one another.

She is working with Gallaudet University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (GIEI) and Center for Continuing & Online Education (CCOE) to create the very first Deaf Media Summit; supporting the rebrand of a nonprofit, from Signcasts to Deafsourced Media; is in the ONA Journalism Mentorship Collaborative; and participating in the very first cohort of Village Capital program at Gallaudet University.